Recycled Tool Shed from Cupboards

Several years ago we did some renovating in the laundry room which involved removing a large (and heavy) cupboard unit with two doors.

This unit sat in the backyard until hubby had the brilliant idea of converting it into a tool shed.  He also reused some shingles from the shed we converted into a greenhouse.  The tool cupboard is sheltered from the elements and now houses accessible tools. Another successful upcycling project!

Father's Day Tie Gift Box

I have been wanting to make this for ages!  Saw this cute idea on the internet ages ago.  A white box, two triangles of cardstock, two buttons glued on and a real live tie = one neat gift box for Father's Day!

Incidentally, I actually made this for my dad for his birthday because I kept forgetting to make it for Father's Day - works well too :)

Shed Converted to Greenhouse

A few years ago, we decided our spider-infested and roof-rotting shed needed a new use.  

Since we love to have homegrown vegetables and plants, we invited our bestest buddies over once we removed all the siding/roofing.  With superhuman strength, we lifted it over to a sunnier location and used plastic which had been given to us to cover the entire structure.  My dad ensured less loss of heat by installing boards along the top. He also gave us an old cupboard door to use as a window which can be propped open when it's very hot.

Floor Pillow Sewing

Guess who thinks she owns it?

 This pillow is a dream to make, and I am planning to make another using the cats' blanket so they don't need to use this one!  

The pattern is called "Tuffet Inspired Ottoman" and is from Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.

Hugh Manatee Sewn Fleece Toy

Here's Hugh Manatee - go ahead, say it out loud a few times...there, got it?  

So adorable!  This was a fun project to whip up for a little guy who is just the cutest.  The pattern is from Fabric By Fabric One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hopkins and it is super easy to make. Plus it gave me an excuse to buy a giant bag of filler for various other projects I've had in mind for a while.

Party Banner

At a crafting session recently, I cut the bunting out of felt and embellished it with some buttons, then stitched it onto a gingham ribbon.  We used it recently for a birthday party and it stores well for the next one!

Monopoly Money Curtains


Last summer I picked up this fabric at Wineberry Fabrics - too perfect for my boys' room! During Spring Break I had a chance to turn them into curtains. I used two layers of black and a single layer of the pattern, there's enough left for a couple of pillowcases or something else I haven't dreamed up yet!





The lining





Minecraft Birthday Party

Our eldest turned 12 last week and he is into the Minecraft craze, so the theme for his party was obvious!



He created the invitations himself from papercraft found online. We used the same images to create magnets out of printed photo paper. The images were cut and had magnet tape attached to the back.




Recycled Gift Tags

Got together with a couple of friends the other night to make some Valentine-y things, so I cut these gift tags out of bubble bath packaging and the outside wrapper which came with a calendar. Cute and useful!!

From UFOs to FOs...

Back around mid-November I listed the unfinished objects I had going at the time. Feels good to say a lot of them were eliminated or completed over the winter holidays!

Here's an update on what happened to some of them:

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