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Knitted Pointy Hood for Whippets, Greyhounds, Sighthounds

As I have mentioned before, my sister has whippets. Three of them. They are as cute as buttons so we decided to shame them by trying out this knitted pointy hood. 

As you can tell, Smoke thinks it's hilarious! His ears and neck are toasty warm, plus he maintains his aerodynamics.

PJ Boots for Children Using Recycled Fleece Blanket

In January I made PJ boots for myself and can't stop talking about them.

Of course when I finished the dark blue pair for my younger son, my older son wanted them right away too! I knocked off both pairs a couple of days apart within a matter of about 20 minutes to sew.These are getting quicker to make and I still absolutely adore mine and wear them every evening.

Knitting & Crocheting from the Archives

Still continuing the process from last week of sorting through older photos and I came across some knitting and crocheting projects which have been completed over the last while.

Knit snake scarf. This took me FOREVER - tiny needles and endless rows of garter stitch. I wanted to jab the needles in my eyes before I was 1/4 done.  Probably took about a year to finish too because I hated it! Turned out pretty cute though...

Pillow Sewing!

A couple of weekends ago I was leafing through some magazines and admiring all the pillows. Then I looked at my bare window seat which has seen many pillows come and go and be destroyed by our cats over the years.

Sewing from the Archives

I was sorting through photos today and came across some I had meant to share ages ago, so this is the first of a few posts sharing various crafts I have completed over the past while.

This is the summer hat my mom commissioned after I sewed the first one one a couple of summers ago:







Where to Begin with the Sewing?

Every time I look around there is something to sew - blown-out knees in the boys' pants, making new tablecloths to replace the raggedy ones we've been using for years, repurposing tablecloths to make napkins or dish towels, using up some of the fabric I've had given to me over the years. The boys both want a pair of PJ boots now so those are cut out and waiting to sew.

PJ Boots & Winter Reading

Recycled Christmas Card Ornament Craft

Got together with the girls last night for the first time in ages for yummy fusion dinner and recycled Christmas card crafting! Super happy with how this turned out.

You can find the pattern here on Martha Stewart's site.

Getting Christmassy

So, a few weeks ago I posted a photo of something my youngest son and I were working on and challenged you to guess what it was.

Here's the end result - a banner (made from scrapbooking paper and using crayons, pastels and of all things, a bingo stamper for the snowmen!

Pyjama Pants Recycled from a Pillowcase Recycled from a Sheet

When I still lived at home with my parents, my favourite sheets were these Looney Tunes ones.  Flannel and cozy, I used them for years. Then my kids used them. Eventually the bottom sheet tore beyond repair so I made a body pillow case for it some years ago.  Last week I turned the body pillow into a pair of pyjama pants (unfinished in the photo) for my youngest.  Unfortunately, I had actually CUT the fabric into the pants about a year ago so they probably won't fit him longer than this winter!

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