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Crazy Cat Hat

My sister saw me crocheting toques a few weeks ago at Dad's birthday party and, since she didn't have anything to keep her ears toasty when she's out walking the whippets, I said I would make her a hat.  She chose a cat ear one! I've had this Crazy Cat Hat pattern for ages and have been looking for an excuse to make it.  I didn't add the detailing as the examples my sister sent me were with just ears, but I think it's super cute and I can't wait to see it on her!

The Snowmen Are Coming

Despite the raging rain outside, last night my youngest and I sat down to start combining a few craft ideas from some holiday crafting books.  Here's a sneak peek! Any guesses what it will be?

Christmas Cards Sneak Peek

Putting together cards for our church's Christmas fair!

It seems so early yet I look at the calendar and we're already past mid-November. Time to get cracking on all those lovely seasonal ideas rattling around in my head...

Congratulations Stamped Card

Super excited - I ordered some stamps a couple of weeks ago and they arrived! Individually gift-wrapped, no less!

Got Congratulations (see left), Thank You, Happy Holidays, Best Wishes and Happy Birthday -  that should cover just about everything :)

Had to make something right away, still haven't mailed off those baby booties so this is the card that will go with them.

Dishcloth with Scrubbie Middle

I like to keep my hands busy when I talk on the phone and a double crochet stitch goes so quickly I whipped up this dishcloth for my parents.  Although a little off-kilter (I didn't count), the middle has an extra layer of cotton scraps thread for the purposes of using up scrap yarn bits and to make a rougher surface for scrubbing.  

Anyone else multitask knitting/crocheting?

Weekend Crafting Successes

Two toques and baby booties!  Try saying THAT 5 times fast...

Baeanie #1 became an overwhelming craving during a spy movie with the kids on Saturday and Beanie #2 was found in a bag and knocked off during a rainy Sunday afternoon. The booties were started a few weeks ago and all that was left to do was find a couple of cute buttons and sew them on. Can't wait to mail them to our friends up North!

What did you work on this weekend?

Ice Cream Pail Ghost for Hallowe'en

 Saw this idea in a magazine years ago using streamers - I cut plastic bags and taped them to the inside of the plastic pail, punched a hole through the top for twine and my youngest drew a scary face on the front. Very spooky in the dark when it's windy!!  Also reusable - dry it and store it for next year.

Smaller Projects

I'm not the most patient person in the world.  On occasion I have reason to produce tiny crafts, for example, last year for my church's crafting group.  Usually by the second item (or in the middle of the first) I want to scream and run away, but it helps to have tea, snacks and conversation to ease the repetition.

These mittens are made from felt and have a barrette inside so they open and close - it involves sewing 2 mittens together on each side, then embellishing with ribbons etc.  Cute for bookmarks or adding to presents.

What's Your Favourite Hallowe'en Costume Memory?

When I was younger, I was a princess, an angel, a Mexican dancer and a pirate (for 2 years).  I always loved being the pirate, with my dad's handkerchief tied around my head and my sword held with a sash. I remember the sun seemed like it would never set and it didn't matter if it was raining or snowing, we would be out there filling our pillowcases with candy, then coming home to pour out our loot on the kitchen table so we could inspect it.

Changes to Lemondrop Moon - Rotor, Free Shipping & Assorted Card Sets

There are perks to being married to a web developer - which include my ability to ask endless questions whenever I get an idea about something I want to do on the Lemondrop Moon site. "Can I do this?" "How?" "Are you busy?" "Don't kill me, but..."

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