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Serendipitous Baking

It started with the fudge - I've made this recipe many times but today it ended up looking like this.

Aside from the usual "burnt a few from the first batch", the cookies are great too, thanks to the bags of sprinkles from my friend's dad, who closed down his bakery.  These ones are refrigerator cookies from my favourite cookbook, The Pillsbury Cookbook.

I love the gorgeous white sparkly sprinkles - Christmas baking is well in hand!

Toques I Have Known

Lately I've been getting lots of strange looks from the parents at school because I'm trying to surreptitiously figure out what patterns people used for their knitted or crocheted toques.  I don't wear hats very often, but they are fun to make as there are lots of variations - plus, they're super portable.  Below are some of the ones I have made over the past several months.  And no, I don't have a closet full of hats - they are given as gifts or to charity.


Gingerbread Man Advent Calendar

I've made an advent calendar for my parents almost every year for quite a while now.  These have taken the form of daily goodies like candies, wrapped paper towel rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree and tiny wrapped packages.

This year cutting out gingerbread men for my son's kindergarten class led to the creation of this brown-paper wrap gingerbread dude.  I cut 25 out (just a bit bigger than my hand), then coloured different faces on them with numbered middle buttons and stapled a part so they would stay together.

Blue Socks, How I Love Thee

Finished my blue socks last night!  Promptly put them on and they are so lovely.  Once in a while it's nice to make something for myself.

This is the third pair of socks I've ever made.  The first two were at least 5 years ago and were crocheted.  They were kind of a travesty.  My oldest son loved the pair I made for him and wore through them - they were both made with scraps of various yarns as I was experimenting.

Harry Potter and Plants vs. Zombies

The Hallowe'en costumes were a big success this year!  My oldest went as Harry Potter (after we finally convinced him he should TRY to at least read the first chapter - of course he was mesmerized until the end of the book). 

Featured Card - Mouthy Cheer Up

Now that the Hallowe'en rush is over and I'm not quite ready to get into the next holiday season, it's time to get back to the basics with cards.  This one makes me want to laugh every time I look at it.

I can't recall exactly how the funny mouth appeared in our house, I only remember finding it one day and thinking it would make a cute addition to a card.  A few snips, ribbon and adhesive later, the Mouthy Cheer Up card was born!

Featured Cards - The Wallpaper Series

When we moved into our house 10 years ago, the former owners left a lot of things behind. Of note were wooden blocks for the wheels of their RV, various boards, tiles, pieces of laminate, unknown metal thingies in the shed, hanging basket holders and a cat.

Sweater Completed!

After about 4 months of knitting off and on and one month of really trying to finish the sweater up because it's getting COLD out there, my new sweater is done!  

My MIL gave me the book (The Yarn Girls' Guide to Knits for All Seasons: Sweaters and Accessories for Men and Women by Julie Carles & Jordana Jacobs) and my boys gave me the yarn.  The sweater is called "Better Than The Real Deal" because of the way the shawl collar is made.  

Brown Paper Baggin' It

I like to use brown paper bags to package things for gifts or goody bags.  I have been known to reuse said bags (i.e. my children's goody bags) that didn't have anything weird in them to make popcorn in the microwave too!  On the weekend I went to my SIL's open house for her new accounting office.  Having worked for an accountant for several years and being aware of the additional stresses of personal tax time, I was inspired to bring the following token:

It's A New Dog!

After my post a couple of weeks ago on the crocheted whippet, I received a custom order for a dachshund.  I've seen these little dogs here and there but never really looked too closely.  It was an opportunity to make a new pattern and I accepted the challenge - with this little cutie as the result!  

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